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Gutology Probiotic Toothpaste

WHY DO I NEED A NATURAL TOOTHPASTE?More and more research is emerging about the impact of fluoride and other common toothpaste ingredients on both our oral and gut microbiome. As we use toothpaste everyday, we need a more natural solution that's micr

Gutology Hydrate

WHY DO I NEED GUTOLOGY HYDRATE?We recommend Gutology Hydrate to anyone who runs, swims or like to hit the gym or sauna. Most electrolyte drinks on the market contain over 35g of added sugar and are not microbiome-friendly. Gutology Hydrate harnesses

Gutology Digest Box

WHY DO I NEED A GUTOLOGY DIGEST BOX?Digest Box is for anyone struggling with digestive issues and is looking to optimise their gut health naturally and boost their low digestive capacity.WHAT'S INSIDE A GUTOLOGY DIGEST BOX?Digest Bitters (50ml) - sup

Gutology Digest Bitters

WHY DO I NEED DIGEST BITTERS?Bitters support digestive function by stimulating digestive juices, increasing bile and boosting enzymes so that we can break down food and absorb all those healthy nutrients. The best bit? It's a proven way to boost the

Gutology Digest Complex

WHY DO I NEED DIGEST COMPLEX?We recommend Digest Complex to anyone who struggles with low digestive capacity. Our natural enzymes help support your digestion, which can reduce symptoms such as bloating, belching, constipation and irregular stool move

Gutology Sleep Complex

WHY DO I NEED SLEEP COMPLEX?We recommend Sleep Complex to anyone struggling to drift off to sleep and often waking up in the night tossing and turning. Ideal for those who wish to avoid taking sleeping pills and are looking for a more natural approac

GI Biome+ Microbiome Test

WHY MODULAR?Most people waste money on unnecessary markers when buying a microbiome test. Modular testing allows you to select the key markers for you, based on your symptoms.The best bit? You can check your progress by re-testing specific markers at

Gutology Oral Care - Allergen Information

It's not just hayfever, that can get us sneezing. Foods, medications & even cosmetic products can cause issues for many people. Some people even have an allergy to toothpaste. At Gutology, we strive to remove ingredients that we don't believe should